A step forward in environmentally friendly products.
Teikosí production is completely designed and manufactured in Italy.
All stages of production are highly controlled. Before the machines leave the factory, they are tested one by one with water, electricity and temperature, to guarantee the Customer strength and longevity, reducing the need for warranty work. Thanks to the standardization of the components, Teikos Dealers are able to act quickly to meet any Customerís needs. A satisfied Customer is a Customer who will always bring in good publicity!

For washing and rinsing, we use high-efficiency pumps, carefully sized, to reduce consumption and respect the environment, with very high performance results.

We have minimized the use of plastic parts, most components are electromechanical, and, upon Customerís request, the technical staff can customize the duration of washing cycles; the thermostats, that manage the temperatures of washing and rinsing, are both adjustable for a perfect set-up. The removal of parts for maintenance and routine cleaning is performed without the use of tools. Our philosophy is to offer the highest quality product without compromising.
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